Having a night in? Use our full takeaway menu* below to choose from a wide range of traditional Indian, Tandoori, Balti and Vegetarian dishes. And a selection of Leeja’s own unique speciality dishes.

We have a range of fine vegetarian main courses, side dishes and starters to choose from. If there’s something you would like but it doesnt appear on the menu, just ask us when you call and we’ll be happy to try and accommodate your requirements.

10% Discount on take away orders over £10 (collection only)

Delivery service available on all takeaway orders (small fee applies, except within Hinckley). Ask for details when ordering.

Food Allergies and Intolerance

Please note it is the customers responsibility to inform our staff if you suffer from food allergies when placing your order. We use herbs, spices and dairy products to produce the dishes on our menu’s. We also use nuts for certain dishes. Please ask about your meal when ordering & we will be happy to advise you.

Our Full Takeaway Menu

* prices shown are for takeaway menu only

Dips … £0.95 each
Choose from: Onion Salad, Mango Chutney, Hot Sauce, Lime Pickle.
Specify dip options when ordering
Plain Popadom (fried) … £0.80 each
Pickle (hot and spicy) … £2.50


Leeja Mix PLatter for 2 … £10.95
Green Tikka / Sheesh Kebab / Lamb Tikka
Lamb Sheesh Kebab … £4.95
Lamb Saag Puri … £5.95
Tandoori Lamb Chops … £7.95
Chicken Tikka … £4.95
Green Herb Tikka … £4.95
Naga Tikka (hot) … £4.95
Delhi Chicken Malai Tikka … £5.95
Served with aubergine
Rajastani Lamb … £7.95
Served with spinach
Malai Garlic Tikka Chicken … £5.95
Served with garlic pickle
Trio Tikka … £6.95
Green herb tikka/malai tikka and chicken tikka


Leeja Mix Platter for 2 … £9.95
Paneer / Onion Bhaji / Mixed Vegetable
Vegetable Samosa … £4.95
Paneer Tikka …  £5.95
Shahi Paneer Tikka (Grill) … £5.95
Chilli Tikka … £5.95
Onion Bhaji … £4.95
Paneer Shashlik … £5.95


Leeja Seafood Platter for 2 … £12.95
Seabass / King Prawn Puri
Tandoori King Prawn … £9.95
Salmon Tikka …  £10.95
Pan Fried Sea Bites …  £10.95
Garnished with spinach
Prawn Cocktail … £5.95
Malwani Prawns … £10.95
Grill, served with spinach
Crispy Butterfly King Prawn … £7.95
Seabass … £10.95
Served with mashed potato


Tawa 1 … £8.95
Green Herb Tikka / Paneer Tikka / Onion Bhaji
Tawa 2 … £10.95
Malay Tikka / Onion Bhaji / Sheesh Kebab / Paneer Tikka
Tawa 3 …  £12.95
Crispy Lamb / Paneer Tikka / Naga Tikka / Sheesh Kebab / Onion Bhaji

Goan Duck … £11.95
Pieces of duck marinated with spices from north India, cooked in a garlic flavoured bhuna sauce

Chicken Jaflong … £10.95
Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in fresh garlic, coriander and a variety of spices, resulting in a slightly hot and spicy dish

Pineapple Chicken … £10.95
Tender pieces of chicken fried in cornflour batter then cooked with pineapple, mixed pepper and onions. Most popular new dish

Green Chicken Massala … £10.95
Pieces of breast chicken cooked with coriander, green pepper sauce – garnished with fried onion. Fairly hot!

Chum Chum Mix … £12.95
Tandoori king prawns, chicken tikka, lamb tikka and paneer, cooked in a fairly dry sauce, made with our chef’s special selection of medium spices

Imlidar Chicken … £11.95
Marinated lean chicken breast with chunky caramelised onions, peppers and spring onions, topped with crushed dry chillies and our chef’s special tamarind sauce

Murgh Kurcharan … £10.95
Our chef’s speciality – breast of chicken cooked with Leeja’s own garlic sauce, dried red chillies, green peppers and onions. Slightly hotter!

Jingha Gulnahar … £16.95
Whole king prawn cooked in mustard and fenugreek sauce, combined together to produce an array of distinct flavour.

Murgh Jhul … £10.95
Succulent pieces of chicken cooked with garlic, dried red chillies, red onions and spices (Highly recommend it!)

Honey and Chilli Chicken … £10.95
A well balanced spiced curry consisting of chillies and honey.

Khumbi Roshuni … £10.95
Chicken or lamb, delicately prepared in a creamy mushroom and garlic sauce, with selected medium herbs and spices.

Kadhai Goust Hydrabadi … £10.95
Cubes of lamb and chicken with onions, tomatoes, peppers and chick peas in our chef’s special kadhai sauce.

Marinated lightly and then pan fried, cooked with various spices, green peppers and onions – garnished with spring onion and coriander.

Fillet of sea bass marinated with light spice then grilled to perfection. Cooked in buttery Makani sauce. Highly recommend it! (Contains almonds).

A fillet marinated with traditional Indian spices and fried in shallow oil. Cooked in our Leeja special sauce.

Salmon cooked with rich, spicy peeled plum tomatoes, with freshly roasted garlic and finely chopped green chillies.

MACHER JHUL … £13.95
Bangladeshi fish cooked in a delicious sauce, garnished with green chilli & coriander.

Bangladeshi fish cooked in a special home style sauce with potatoes. (Medium).

Whole Sea Bass fillet gently infused with a blend of caramelised onions, tomatoes, fresh garlic, termeric and lemon juice. Garnished with spring onion and fresh coriander. The Favourite dish of the Bengal!


Please choose from below to add to your dish

Lamb … £9.95  Chicken … £8.95  Paneer Tikka (Curd Cheese) … £8.95  Duck … £11.95  Tandoori Chicken … £9.95  Lamb Tikka … £10.95  Chicken Tikka … £9.95  Vegetables … £8.95  Prawns … £9.95  King Prawns … . £14.95  Tandoori Mix … £11.95 Tandoori King Prawn (BBQ) … £15.95

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala
Chicken or lamb marinated and barbecued, cooked, blended together with ground almonds, coconuts and fresh cream to produce a thick and smooth, creamy dish with a touch of tandoori massala spices.

Buttered Chicken or Lamb
Chicken or lamb cooked in pure butter, together with ground almond and fresh cream, to produce a beautiful creamy and buttery sauce, with a touch of spices and garnished with diced almond and desiccated coconuts. A dish only available at the Leeja.

Korma Chicken or Lamb
Chicken or lamb cooked with extra coconuts and fresh cream. A very mild and creamy dish to suit a very first time curry adventurer. A smooth and fruity dish.

Lamb or Chicken Badham Pasanda
Barbecued lamb or chicken cooked in pure butter ghee with ground almonds and a touch of ground coconuts, blended in with a kiss of gravy, a smooth and creamy dish. Highly recommended for first timer.

Delhi Chicken Tikka Massala
Diced chicken in a tomato based rich sauce and fragranced with aromatic spice, and a touch of honey. Highly recommended.

Barbecue cooked, with mango chutney and a selection of spices and herbs with a touch of golden syrup, producing a sweet, sour and spicy delicacy to medium strength.

Mango Chicken
Tender pieces of marinade chicken breast in a creamy mango sauce with coriander, curry leaf and spices.

Rajesthani Korma
An appealing and fragrant mild dish, marinated escallop chicken, barbecued in the clay oven then cooked in butter, ground almond, coconut, fresh cream with mango and honey garnished with pistachio.

Hyderabadi Chicken / Lamb
This dish is popular throughout India, though each region has its own twist in terms of the way it is prepared. This delicious authentic dish is mildly spiced with coconut, tomato, ginger, coriander, cumin and a hint of paprika.

Please choose from below to add to your dish

Lamb … £9.95  Chicken … £8.95  Paneer Tikka (Curd Cheese) … £8.95  Duck … £11.95  Tandoori Chicken … £9.95  Lamb Tikka … £10.95  Chicken Tikka … £9.95  Vegetables … £8.95  Prawns … £9.95  King Prawns … . £14.95  Tandoori King Prawn (BBQ) … £15.95

Garlic Chicken
Pieces of chicken marinated in freshly crushed garlic, together with rapeseed oil, cooked with fresh yoghurt and tomato.

Chicken or Lamb Achari
Tender pieces of Iamb or chicken cooked together with spicy mixed pickles, fresh garlic, soya sauce and fresh coriander. A hot, sour and spicy dish to madras strength.

Chicken or Lamb Chasni
Barbecued chicken or lamb cooked with a combination of garlic, tamarind, fresh coriander and fresh yoghurt, together with a selection of spices and herbs. A spicy and tangy dish to medium strength.

Chicken Jeera
Tender, inner fillet of chicken breasts, marinated in rapeseed oil, cooked with finely chopped onions, peppers and most specially with cumin (herb). A dry and spicy dish to medium strength.

Green Herb Lamb or Chicken
Barbecued lamb or chicken cooked with dill weed, parsley, fresh coriander, oregano, green chillies and fresh lemon juice. A dish designed madras strength.

Duck Gosht
Duck braised in a spiced massala of garlic ginger, onion, tomatoes and peppers with a tempering of crushed coriander seed and red chillies.

Chicken or Lamb Sylheti
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with chunks of onions and peppers and specially with dark soya bean sauce and a selection of spices and herbs. A special dish which comes highly recommended.

Ginger Chicken or Lamb
Lamb or chicken cooked with finely chopped onions & peppers, together with fresh chopped ginger and spices & herbs. A medium strength dish.

Murghi Massala
Chicken marinated and barbecued, cooked with spicy minced lamb to medium strength, garnished with boiled egg and tomato.

South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken
Steam cooked chicken in hot chilli sauce, garnished with coriander (cooked in olive oil).

Please choose from below to add to your dish

Lamb … £9.95  Chicken … £8.95  Paneer Tikka (Curd Cheese) … £8.95  Duck … £9.95  Tandoori Chicken … £9.95  Lamb Tikka … £10.95  Chicken Tikka … £9.95  Vegetables … £8.95  Prawns … £9.95  King Prawns … . £14.95  Tandoori King Prawn (BBQ) … £15.95  Combination Dish … £13.95

Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in thick and spicy sauce, combined with Shatkora (Bangladeshi lime) medium or hot.

Lamb cooked in a thick creamy sauce with mixed peppers and black mushrooms, along with a hint of soy sauce and garlic. It is an authentic taste that we know you will love!

Piri Piri
This superb chicken dish is prepared with jalepeno peppers, crushed red chillies and garlic in a delicious thick sauce. It has a combination of classic ingredients with a sensational twist (hot and spicy).

Naga Chicken
Chicken cooked with hot pepper (naga morich), vinegar and mixed traditional spices (very hot and spicy).

Kagzi Lime
Steam chicken cooked with kagzi lime, mango, green chillies and aromatic spices. Ideal for those preferring something a little sweet and tangy.

Tender pieces of chicken stir fried and smothered with onions, mushrooms and pepper.

Combination Dish
Enabling you to sample two dishes in small portions or select your own combination in chicken, lamb or vegetable from Leeja’s main menu. (No seafood).


Chicken Shashlik … £9.95
Lamb Shashlik … £12.95
Paneer Tikka Grilled … £9.95
Leeja Mixed Platter … £12.95
Naga Tikka / Shahi Paneer (Grill) / Lamb Tikka
Chicken Tikka … £9.95

Lamb Tikka … £12.95
Half Tandoori Chicken … £9.95
Tandoori King Prawn … £15.95
Malayi Tikka … £9.95
Naga Tikka … £9.95
Green Herb Tikka … £9.95

Please choose from below to add to your dish

Lamb … £9.95  Chicken … £9.95  Paneer Tikka (Curd Cheese) … £8.95  Duck … £11.95  Tandoori Chicken … £9.95  Lamb Tikka … £10.95  Chicken Tikka … £9.95  Vegetables … £8.95  Prawns … £9.95  King Prawns … . £14.95 Tandoori King Prawn (BBQ) … £15.95

Tawali Dishes
Tawali dishes are prepared with carefully selected spices and herbs, in finely chopped onions and peppers, together with chopped cucumbers, producing a thick and spicy (in taste) sauce, with unique flavour and taste, served on a special Tawa (flat pan) dish, garnished with fresh coriander. Highly recommended to try.
Balti dishes are prepared with finely chopped onions and peppers, to produce a thick and spicy sauce (in taste), together with a selection of spices and herbs, special Balti spices and ingredients unique to Leeja.
Karahi Dishes
Karahi dishes are prepared with a selection of spices and herbs, together with chunks of juicy and crunchy onions and green peppers in a thick and spicy (in taste) sauce, with roasted fennels and cumins to produce a beautiful taste and aroma. Served in a hot iron dish.
Rogan Dishes
Cooked with fresh onions, capsicum, methi leaves and coriander. Aromatic spices used to make it medium hot and garnished with fried tomatoes (Mild or hot on request).

Dhansak Dishes
Fairly hot dish cooked with lentils, pineapple and spices to give a deliciously spicy sweet and sour sauce. (Medium or mild on request).
Malayan Dishes
Cooked with pineapple and a touch of exotic spices to create a mild unique flavour.
Bhuna Dishes
Prepared with fresh onions, garlic, tomatoes, capsicum, methi leaves, coriander and traditional Indian spices and herbs.
Sagwala Dishes
Cooked with spinach, a touch of garlic, ginger and selected spices to create a mildly spiced dish. Very popular dish.
Pathia Dishes
Sweet, sour and fairly hot dish cooked with onions, tomatoes, spices and fresh herbs.
Dupeaza Dishes
Prepared with chopped onions, capsicum and coriander to produce a soft and medium sauce.
Vindaloo Dishes
Both are mainly hot and saucey. Vindaloo is hotter than Madras.
NEW Afghan Chicken – Cooked with Chick peas.


Chicken Biriyani … £10.95
Prawns Biriyani … £11.95
Lamb Biriyani … £13.95
Chicken Tikka Biriyani … £10.95

Vegetable Biriyani (V) … £9.95
King Prawn Biriyani … £17.95
Naaga Biriyani … £10.95


Fried Chicken … £10.95
Chicken, Prawn, Plain or Mushroom Omelette … £10.95
Scampi … £14.95
Sirloin Steak … £18.95
Steaks are served with fried mushrooms and onions.

Please choose from below to add to your dish

Lamb … £9.95  Chicken … £9.95  Paneer Tikka (Curd Cheese) … £8.95  Duck … £11.95  Tandoori Chicken … £9.95  Lamb Tikka … £10.95  Chicken Tikka … £9.95  Vegetables … £8.95  Prawns … £9.95  King Prawns … . £14.95

Marinated in rapeseed oil, cooked with slices of onions and peppers also finely chopped onions, fresh green chillies, in moderately thick sauce to produced a beautiful taste and flavour to madras strength.

Bhindi Murgh
Cooked in thick and spicy sauce, combined with okra, a vegetable with its own flavour and taste. A much loved dish in every Asian household, highly recommended.

Cooked in finely chopped onions and peppers, in a thick and spicy sauce, together with chopped cucumber which produces a unique flavour of its own, almost like courgettes, garnished with fresh coriander to medium strength

Murgh Lababda
Cooked in finely chopped onions and peppers, with a bayleaf which produces a lovely taste and aroma, in a thick and spicy sauce to medium strength.

Cooked with red kidney beans, tomato puree in a sauce, combined with finely chopped onions and peppers and various spices and herbs, producing a unique taste and flavour; a medium strength dish comes highly  recommended.

Begon Bahar
Cooked with finely chopped onion and peppers, with various spices and herbs, in thick and spicy sauce, topped with lightly fried aubergines, in mastered oil, garnished with freshly chopped coriander to medium strength.

Cooked in thick and spicy sauce, together with hard boiled egg and soft baked potatoes. A beautifully tasty dish only unique to Leeja, prepared to medium strength.

Cooked with pieces of half cooked, juicy and crunchy onions and peppers in thick and spicy

Anarkali … £9.95
Highly recommended one of our chef’s unique dish – Chicken Tikka and minced lamb cooked with our own special spices, herbs and served with omelette. (Medium).

Bhindi Piaz
(Okra with chunks of onions)
Main £6.95  –  Side £4.95

Navrathan Korma
(Mixed vegetables in a mild creamy sauce with nuts and sultanas)
Main £6.95  –  Side £4.95

Baingon Massala
(Aubergine with selection of spices and herbs in a thick sauce)
Main £6.95  –  Side £4.95

Mushroom Bhajee
(Button mushrooms stir fried with spring onions and spices and herbs)
Main £6.95  –  Side £4.95

Sobji Bhoona
(Mixed vegetables stir fried with spices and herbs)
Main £6.95  –  Side £4.95

Motor Paneer
(Garden peas cooked with curd cheese in light thick sauce)
Main £6.95 –  Side £4.95

Palak Bhajee
(Spinach stir fried with fresh garlic and onions)
Main £6.95 –  Side £4.95

Dhal Samba
(Lentils stir fried with fresh garlic and mixed vegetables, together with spinach)
Main £6.95 –  Side £4.95

Palak Paneer
(Spinach with curd cheese)
Main £6.95 –  Side £4.95

Bombay Potato
(Chunks of soft baked potatoes stir fried with onions, spices and herbs)
Main £6.95 –  Side £4.95

Tarka Dhal
(Lentils flavoured with butter, fresh garlic in a soupy style)
Main £5.50 –  Side £3.50

Aloo Gobi
Main £6.95 –  Side £4.95

Singapori Fried Rice (with noodles) … £3.95
Mushroom Pilau Rice … £2.95
Steamed Plain Rice … £2.95
Pilau Rice (Basmati) … £2.95
Subzi (Vegetable rice) … £2.95
Keema Rice … £2.95

Lemon Rice … £2.95
Fried Rice … £2.95
Coconut Rice … £2.95
Garlic Fried Rice … £2.95
Egg Fried Rice … £2.95

Plain Nan … £2.95
Keema Nan … £2.95
Garlic Nan … £2.95
Vegetable Nan … £2.95
Cheese & Onion Nan … £2.95
Peshwari Nan … £2.95
Peshwari Nan with Green Chilli … £2.95

Cheese & Onion Nan … £2.95
Coriander & Garlic Nan … £2.95
Chicken Tikka Nan … £2.95
Tandoori Roti … £2.95
Paratha … £2.95
Chapati … £2.50
Chips … £3.95
Chilli Chips … £3.95
Cheese Chilli Chips … £3.95